Selamat Siang!

I cannot believe it has only been a few days since moving to Bali! A brief recap of my days here so far:

May 26: Koming home

After a bit of waiting, Koming, the owner of a homestay called Adi House in Ubud, came to pick me up and take me to his homestay. The drive from Denpasar to Ubud had some pretty cool sights and Koming even taught me a few phrases in Bahasa (Terima Kasih!).

Drive picture

Adi House is great — I highly recommend it for the budget traveler. It is in Central Ubud, ~$11-13 a night, private bath, free breakfast every morning (good breakfast), and it feels perfectly secure. There is even a giant fan in my room that, when I turn on high, makes the room chilly (++ Adi House!)

Check out Adi House here

My friend Joel was also starting his time here at Adi House. So we quickly met up and (in Joel and Sydney fashion) immediately went to find food. Joel has been in Ubud ~2 weeks and had a pretty impressive lay of the land, a local phone, and some seriously good food recommendations (we ate pork belly for dinner!)

Pork Belly in Ubud!

Thank goodness we had a big dinner because, even though I was wiped from traveling, I only got a few hours of sleep and spent most of the night awake and jetlagged.


May 27: An anGilles

When I woke up the next morning ( / just exited my room after being awake for hours), Koming was up and cooked Joel and I breakfast. The eggs were A+.

Eggs for breakfast

I also made a new friend (he is a puppy and his name is Blacky):

Blacky the puppy!

Then we went off to Hubud, the co-operative workspace with community, free media, and fast internet. Really, if you are ever in Ubud working, this is the place to be. The people are wonderful, it is super easy to get setup, and they have a TON of community events (feels like one a day). My new office:


At 10a we had a very important appointment to visit a house we could potentially rent longer term (think: 2 months). The place is in Central Ubud, 3Br/2Ba (our new friend Shae could take the third), a full kitchen and living room, plus a giant private garden. Right now we’re thinking 2 months is perfect as we may want to travel some other place at that time (the digital nomad community is massive and there are so many places to go throughout Asia and Oceana!)

House in Ubud

At 4p we went back to Gilles’ place to meet the landlord and locked everything in! It is a great location. Yay for successful house-hunting in <24 hours of being in Ubud.

We ended the evening with Game of Thrones at Adi House. Apparently there is a movie theater here (Parardiso) that plays the newest episode every Wednesday (good call Shae!) and has dancing on Mondays (thanks Gilles!).

The plan was to go to dinner afterwards, but I was totally conked out from my lack of sleep the night before ( / as most of you know I also hate eating dinner). I went back to my room around 7 and was out before 715. Joel, like the incredibly nice guy he is, gave me bananas in case I woke up in the night and got hungry. He’s a hero, but I was actually okay. Didn’t wake up until after 5a.


May 28: Free Chemical of the Day

Woke up early morning to a delicious sweet crepe from Koming (Dadar Gulong?):

Breakfast Crepe

Joel talked me into going to this outdoor fitness class called Wild Health at 815a (guys’ class is at 715a so I can’t really complain). If you know me at all, you know I probably wasn’t too excited to go to a morning exercise class that reminded Joel of crossfit, but Joel made a good case for doing what the locals do. So I went.

Cool news is the fastest way to get to Wild Health is through Monkey Forest (literally Monkeys):

Monkeys Monkey Forest

Apparently they also have antelope (or reindeer?) — anyway I’ll be going back to explore soon so expect more on that at some point!

The fitness class was ultimately great. I am desperately out of shape, but you know, after doing this 3 times a week and yoga on the off days when class isn’t being taught, I shouldn’t be out of shape for too long (here’s hoping!).

Wild Health

Quick shower at home (ahh! Weird that I already think of my place at Adi House as home), then off to Hubud for some work.

Pillow Hubud

We just finished lunch at a local café (with a sign listing the free chemicals for the day?) and have an hour or so until we go back to Gilles to pay our rent for the two months (~$200 a person per month! Crazy!)

Tonight, Joel wants ribs. Will keep you posted!

Things on my mind:

    • + Ways to spend even less money (not spending a lot but think I could be spending less)


    • + Exercising in front of Joel tomorrow is going to suck (Wild Health on Fridays is gender-mixed)


    • + How to communicate to Joel that my perfect eating schedule does not involve dinner ….


    + Finding more time to focus on writing (I want to crank out one more short story to send around to my review committee before jumping back into my novel)
  1. Ruth Rossman said:

    Hi, Syd,

    It all sounds good. Keep telling us all about it. Tomorrow is the last day of school for the summer. Do you remember how great that feels? 6th grade party here tomorrow to celebrate summer. Happy life here! Enjoy it all, it sounds great! Love and miss you.

  2. Awesome! So crazy Adam is a senior and the twins are in Middle School!

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