The New Normal

May 31: Phoney

This morning I said goodbye to Adi House and moved right next door to Banana Homestay.

As if to honor my new location, my last “breakfast” at Adi House was deep-fried banana and then immediately upon moving to Banana Homestay, I received four mini bananas as a welcome gift. Okay then.

Rooms, pricing, breakfast, etc. are apparently exactly the same. I can dig! And Buda, my new landlord, is Koming’s cousin. Old room / new room below:

Old Room New Room

I spent most of the morning trying to find a place that would sell me a local SIM card for my phone, but, as it’s Sunday, everywhere was closed. So I went to Hubud, where I was 100% unproductive. Joel discovered there is a major Food Festival in Ubud in a week or so, thus I spent the late-morning looking at all the events, picking which ones I wanted to attend, and buying tickets. We then went to lunch at Seniman Coffee (one of Joel’s favs) where we had breakfast for lunch (yay!)

We then sat and planned a vacation. We want to go to Komodo National Park, but need to balance awesome and cheap. We think we found a great 3day / 2night deal (but more on this later if it comes through).

Afterwards we split, Joel heading back to Hubud, and me going to pick up my laundry. The laundry place was closed and on the walk back I decided to not do yoga today in favor of a more productive afternoon.

Ran into an OPEN SIM card store on the way home and decided to try my luck at getting a local phone. Unfortunately the SIM card didn’t work in my phone (AT&T must not have unlocked it EVEN. THOUGH. THEY. PROMISED. THEY. HAD. UGH!) Anyway, the guy offered to actually just sell me a cheap phone + local SIM for 350.000 IDR or ~$28 USD. Didn’t seem like a bad deal (was going to pay ~$12 for the SIM alone anyway) so I said yes. Meet Phoney:


And before you say, “not cool,” check out this old friend:


My snake score is already >3000. Try not to be too jealous. AND, if you are in Indonesia, call me at 0812-3791-2698 (country code +62).

June 1 – 4: Tra-la-la

So nothing too exciting to report the next few days. Basically my days have been going:

    • + Breakfast at Banana House (every breakfast is bananas T_T)


    • + Exercise (Wild Health or Yoga) + shower


    • + Writing (tra-la-la)


    • + Lunch break


    • + More writing


    • + Reading


    • + Editing what I’ve written


    • + Taking pleasure in the pure elation of NOT EATING DINNER


    + Sleepytime

Food festival starts tomorrow though so maybe I’ll have more to report? Joel and I are also taking a 5 day vacation to Lombok and Komodo Island next week followed by (literally 2 days after we get back) a 3 Bali Volcanos in 24 hours overnight excursion. So hopefully more exciting things to come.

In the mean time, things on my mind:

    • + I am 95% sure I want to stay in Bali past August. Joel is 95% sure he wants to leave and go to Japan in August. This makes me sad, but I promised I would make this year about me and be selfish. Following Joel to Japan just because he is my friend and I want to hang out with him might not be a compelling enough reason. The last few days my routine has been excellent and if every day were basically like these, I think my year would be ++. Also not too thrilled to figure out living in a new place so soon. I suppose August is still a ways away so I have time to think on this more. I will also need to communicate the above to Joel at some point ….


    • + Writing every day is hard stuff. I didn’t realize how difficult it is to be creative so much each day. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but it isn’t a breeze. So far I have been having no trouble hitting my daily minimum word count goal (2000 words / day). In fact, so far the fewest words I’ve written in a single day are 2500. But, MAN, writers who have the stamina to do significantly more than this AND edit what they’ve written AND keep their creative juices high AND read a lot (actually, I think, a pretty important thing to do if you are writing) must not sleep at all. I love sleep. Man I hope my book is not shit :/


    + No matter what you do, no matter how many notifications you send, emails you write, calls you make, your bank will NOT remember you are traveling and freeze your account the moment you do anything abroad. Just be prepared to spend hours (HOURS) dealing with your bank and your credit card company and paypal and AT&T and just about everyone. This piece of the travel experience has seriously made me question whether or not “going off the grid” is such a bad idea. Seriously team, get with it!

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