June 16 – 27: The magical world of editing

Been awhile since I posted! That’s mostly because I’ve mainly been plugging away at my writing (yay!)

As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to make a major thematic change to my book (still untitled, but I’ve been saving it under the placeholder: “Trip”). The redrafting process has taken a TON of time and very much slowed new progress on the book.

Admittedly I am a little concerned I won’t have enough time to finish it before I’d need to make a call around applying or not applying to graduate school. To be honest it would be wonderful to just permanently be a writer (even if I have to live modestly). AH! I need more time and it’s stressing me out (also supplemented by the fact that for about 2.5 weeks starting in early July I’ll be traveling and/or hosting someone which I am excited about, but I know will slow the writing further).

No, but seriously, I’ve never been more sure in my life that I am an introvert until I moved out here and took control of my own schedule.

Small happenings and musings

    • + If you ever get a chance, take a breathwork class. As many of you know, I am not super into the whole hippy dippy spirituality stuff. I think it is great if that improves your life or makes you more mindful or a better person, but it just doesn’t do those things for me personally and so I tend to stay away (hard to do in Ubud!). BUT, I was convinced to take a breathwork class and man that shiz is cray. First 20 minutes of the session there was a lot of meditation / normal breathing stuff happening and I was a bit worried I had signed myself up for 1.5 hours of nothing, but then we started the actual breathwork. You basically lie on your back and take full breaths for 45 minutes without stopping. I kid you not, my whole body started tingling and about 20 minutes in, my arms and stomach tightened (it was almost painful) and I was pretty much locked in this twisted position until we started breathing normally again. It was intense. So …. yeah … unexpected ….

+ I know I said I was going to do this 3 peak / 1 day hike thing with Joel. But I got food poisoning the day before and was totally out-of-commission for the trek. Joel said it was awful and painful, but I am still pretty bummed I missed it 🙁 Advice for travelers: Bring Pepto Bismol. Everyone was swearing high and low that Imodium was the medicine to use in case of stomach issues so I exclusively took that the first 16 hours or so of misery. Yeah, no, did pretty much nothing. The moment, I switched to Pepto I felt better (not 100%, but …. yeah I’ll just spare you the gory details).

+ I got tickets to XOXO in Portland! I am pretty bummed that Joel and Dylan haven’t gotten tickets (yet … I am still VERY much holding out hope), but it will still be a great experience. This of course (+ family Bar Mitzvah) means I’ll actually be in the US for a bit come end of August.

+ Joel and I are moving to Koh Lanta in Thailand (him at the end of August, me in early September). We have heard great things about the area, we’ll finally (FINALLY) be on a beach, and there is crossfit (okay okay I guess I do actually like crossfit-esque exercise after all …. this is new for me guys, give me a break)

+ If you are ever at a restaurant with a vegan & raw menu and the waiter recommends the “lasagna,” make sure you ask if said “lasagna” is on that vegan & raw menu. I am sorry Yogabarn cafe, two slices of raw zucchini with three slices of tomato, cashew “cheese,” and marinara sauce is NOT lasagna.

Check these out!

    • + Joel is published now! Check out his article on

“The algebra (and calculus!) of algebraic data types”

    • . He is so awesome yay!

+ Also check out Joel’s project Pigment if you haven’t already!

+ A friend of mine (shoutout to Tom) sent me this great article called The Crossroads of Should and Must. I highly recommend this read!

Sorry no pictures! I am a stinker :/

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