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June 28 – July 5: Good News & Bad News

Not too much has been going on. Still writing a lot (I broke 70,000 words today! Now keeping an updated word count tracker on my twitter – Follow Me!).

Some comings and goings

Joel and I got in our first motorbike accident. We were driving to a pool party one night and we got lost. Ended up on a not-so-paved road and turned too quickly. Thankfully we weren’t going too fast and only got a bit scraped and bruised:

Scraped Knee

Admittedly I am now very nervous riding on the back of Joel’s bike. I don’t think motorbiking is for me. Maybe this is the old lady in me talking, but we were very lucky we weren’t more seriously hurt (also, after the crash, even though our lights were broken, the mirror had fallen off, and it was night, we tried to bike in the dark. Those 5 minutes were possibly the scariest of my life).

We never did make it to that pool party, but we went to another one for the fourth of July:

Pool 1 Pool 2

It was so nice to swim in a pool — I cannot express how glorious it was!

Later that day our trainer from the Wild Health class, Evy, asked if we wanted to join her for a “Hash run” in the afternoon. We really didn’t know what to expect. Boy were we in for a treat! Apparently Hash runs happen all over Asia (and maybe elsewhere?). Hash runs are these really intricate, long, and tricksy natural obstacle courses that trail throughout various scenic parts of an area you’re in (we were 20 minutes outside of Ubud). The trail is marked by bits of colored paper thrown on the ground (sometimes “colored” means brown which is the same color as the dirt and horribly difficult to see). The paths wind and climb and slope. They go over rivers and through rice patties and construction sites (?) and main roads and basically all over. The path is meant to be hard to follow and was supposed to take about 2 hours to finish (it took us first timers about 2.5 hours). It was muddy and filled with adventure! Would definitely recommend:

Hash 1 Hash 2
Hash 3 Hash 4

Only downside was a friend of mine was planning to stay with us that night, but had only told me that morning he was going to be in town. He got to the restaurant right in front of our place an hour after we’d left. I’d told him we’d likely be a few hours, but the drive+run+drive lasted even longer than I had expected. He ended up finding another place to stay and I missed him 🙁

Joel, Joel, Joel

Aside from when Joel sometimes critiques my often anti-social tendencies (ahhh! I have a hard time spending lots of money for parties at which most of the people want to talk about yoga and crystal healing or other stuff like that) when I wouldn’t particularly call him social either (:P), he has been an exceptional travel buddy. I’ve had a lot of fun exploring with him and it has been nice to have someone so like-minded and cool as a partner-in-crime while we’ve made our way in Bali.

Last May he applied on a whim for a PhD position at a university in Scotland he thought he’d have a low chance of getting (I even told him at the time he was going to get it for sure! Joel is amazing and awesome). Surprise surprise, he just found out he got in!

I am super pumped for him, but it means he’ll need to go to Scotland in September / October and thus we’ll need to part ways (sad face 🙁 ). I’ll miss him, but I am excited for him and also still excited to travel solo.

His decision to shorten his own adventuring inspired me to spend a bit more time thinking through how I’d like the rest of my trip to go.

As of now my confirmed schedule is thus (confirmed as in plane tickets are purchased!):

    • + Bali, Indonesia until Aug 2


    • + Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia until Aug 15


    • + Orlando, FL, USA until Sep 8 (Bar Mitzvah I am required to attend + I need to get a visa to China)


    • + Portland, OR, USA until Sep 14 (


    • – which Joel should be going to too! yay!)


    + Osaka, Japan until Oct 21 (So excited for this!)

Thinking I may do China (Shanghai) for a month after, then Thailand (make my way south as it gets colder and colder).

Also, I just confirmed I will be doing New Years in London with a friend. This has made me very strongly consider scrapping going back to Asia in early 2016 and instead do a swing around eastern Europe …. more thinking on this will be happening soon 🙂

This week we head off to Singapore (where Stef will be meeting us) and then will bring him back to Bali. We’ve done like zero planning so hopefully we can wing it and still have a great time! Will share more when we are back.

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  1. Paula said:

    This encourages me more and more to not ‘wait’ for a companion to travel out the last years…but to just go it alone. It’s what is in front of me, might as well embrace it!! Travel safe and watch those motorbikes!!! xo See you in August!

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