Vacation in Bali

July 15 – July 18 – Staycation

Back to Bali (and Ubud) with Stef!

One thing worth mentioning though about our flight back to Bali:
Around the time we were in Singapore, many of the flights out of Denpasar (where Bali’s airport is) were grounded due to dangerous ash clouds created by one of the volcanos in the area. While our flights weren’t affected, we did actually SEE the volcano spewing ash into the sky on our flight home (whoa!):


Back in Ubud, I spent the next few days with Stef and Joel knocking out a few of our Ubud bucket list items.

We did the ridge walk:

Ridge 1 Ridge 2
Ridge 3 Ridge 4

Explored monkey forest (actually going inside the gated part this time!):

Monkey 1 Monkey 2 Monkey 3 Monkey 4
Monkey 5 Monkey 6
Monkey 7 Monkey 8
Monkey 9 Monkey 10
Monkey 11 Monkey 12
Monkey 13 Monkey 14
Monkey 15 Monkey 16
Monkey 17 Monkey 18

Watched True Detective at Paradiso:


Toured the city’s decorations in celebration of the Balinese holiday Galungan:


Discovered the fluffiest, whitest, tiniest bug:

Note: Check my facebook for our video reaction to the bug jumping crazy high in the air

Climbed Mt. Batur:

IMG_1535 IMG_1534
IMG_1533 IMG_1540
IMG_1539 IMG_1538
IMG_1537 IMG_1542
IMG_1545 IMG_1544
IMG_1543 IMG_1555
IMG_1552 IMG_1546
IMG_1541 IMG_1549
IMG_1561 IMG_1559
IMG_1558 IMG_1557
IMG_1556 IMG_1565
IMG_1563 IMG_1562
IMG_1571 IMG_1570
IMG_1569 IMG_1566

And had a spa day (no pictures!)

July 19 – July 21 – Canggu of Pace

Next Stef and I (still recovering from our Mt. Batur sunburns …) decided to spend his last few days at the coast in Canggu (pronounced ‘chain goo’).

Boy is Canggu calm, hip, peaceful, and NOT packed with tourists. Joel and I both think if we had a time machine, we’d pick Canggu as our base instead of Ubud. What a great town!

You’ve got cows hanging out:


Amazing rice patties everywhere:

IMG_1579 IMG_1580

VERY hip places to eat, chill, drink (like Deus Ex Machina – the bike shop / bbq / barbor shop / hotel / tattoo parlor / skate park / restaurant / bar – or Old Mans – a beachy restaurant right in the sand – or warungs aplenty – particularly a Japanese one near Old Mans):

IMG_1582 IMG_1581

Killer surf, beach, and ocean awesomeness:

IMG_1576 IMG_1584

And, pretty nifty street art:


Stef and I had a very relaxing couple of days, a solid end to Stef’s two months of nonstop travel.

Going to miss him, but eager to pick up the pace on Trip. I’ve also just been informed Joel and I have less than two weeks left in Bali so hopefully I can grind on my writing and still make these last two weeks here count!

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