Goodbye Japan!

October 14 – October 20 – Last week in Japan

Well, my time in Japan is just about over. I have very much enjoyed my time here and will definitely be back (hey! I haven’t even been to Tokyo yet!). The Japanese people are kind, respectful, helpful, and generous. I am so glad I decided to come here.

My last week was not too eventful. I took a few day trips to see more shrines around Osaka and Himeji Castle just outside. I visited my first ever cat cafe (pay ~$8 to spend a full hour in a room with 20 cats — I was admittedly a little scared), explored some incredible used and new bookstores throughout the city, did my first handstand (ever!), and competed in my first ever crossfit competition (where I was dead last, but it’s the journey not the destination!).

IMG_2777 IMG_2776
IMG_2779 IMG_2781
IMG_2797 IMG_2789
IMG_2815 IMG_2812
IMG_2955 IMG_2973

Oh! And I also found a Denny’s (!!!) near Nagai Park:


Well, I am off to Shanghai. I am a little nervous about acclimating to a new place, learn a new public transit system, and find my way in a new foreign city (again!), but I am excited too.

Goals for China:
+ Explore outside of Shanghai
+ Kick butt on whatever business school interviews I get (so far Kellogg and Booth)
+ Keep doing Crossfit (new box!)
+ Finish (!!!) the complete first draft of my book

Next time I will be sure to report on the move!

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