Bootcamp and B-school

December 7 – December 20

These last few weeks have been great!

I’ve gotten to see all my friends in the Bay (even crashing Khan Academy’s holiday party with Eli):


Got both some great advice re: business school (thank you Jason and Arif!) and some great news re: admissions (and scholarships!). My top two choices are Wharton and Kellogg (their MMM program!). I will be visiting both schools in late Jan / early Feb and deciding where I’ll be shortly after!

Prior to speaking with Jason and Arif, I had thought being unsure of why I was going to business school was a reason not to go. Jason pointed out that the opposite was more likely true: if you are unsure of your next professional step, going to a place where you can experience lots of different things will probably be more helpful than choosing a job and hoping it is a fit. If my thinking changes on this though, I am sure I will let everyone know.

Anyway, DevBootcamp has also been going well! We’ve done a lot of html and css (I think we are about to pivot to ruby). I’ve made a cute little website for class (it isn’t perfect, but, hey, DBC told us not to spend more than half a day pulling it together). I am sure we’ll be adding to the page (/actually adding pages that are missing) soon ….


Oh … and how could I forget Star Wars! The Force Awakens was AWESOME! I am already planning to see it again in two days. Great film! JJ did an amazing job! I only have two small issues (highlight the space below to see what those were (desktop browsers only) — SPOILERS):

1) I really liked how Kylo Ren turns out to be a pretty weak sith (he isn’t even a Sith Lord — hence the lack of ‘Darth’). Kylo is just a kid who broke under the stress of his legacy and suffers from an intense inferiority complex that causes some significant mental instability that Snoke was able to take advantage of. I can believe that Snoke taught Kylo the mind-torture trick (and that Kylo is kind of a one-trick-pony on that front), BUT I think the blaster-freeze at the beginning was dumb and undercuts the rest of Kylo’s character. 

2) C’mon! You’re telling me when Rey, Finn, and Chewie return from the Starkiller base, Leia hugs REY first over Han and not CHEWIE?? Yeah no.


Well, next stop is London for the holidays! And after Ryan is coming back with me to Orlando to meet Nancy. Hope your holiday season has been and continues to be great!

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