Recovery and Writing

February 11 – March 9

The last month has been very recovery focused.

BUT first, Ryan’s parents came up for the weekend and we spent Valentines Day / our one year anniversary (O_O) with them. Maybe this is embarrassing to admit given my age, but I actually have never ‘met the parents’ before. Luckily, Ry’s parents were pretty chill even if they seemed slightly underwhelmed by our ‘big V-day plans’ (aka staying in to avoid crowds …).

Soon after Ry’s parents left, I had my knee surgery. The doctor was supposed to repair the tear in my meniscus. The chance of a full recovery was about 60%. After surgery, she told me she instead removed all the torn parts of my meniscus. This would offer the chance of a full recovery. A bit confusing, but I’ll take it! My doctor was Dr. Deborah Faryniarz. I definitely recommend (although hopefully unnecessarily so — surgery sucks!)

After surgery I felt GREAT. Man, surgical pain medication is effective. Right after my surgery, I was walking around, wolfing down Chipotle, kicking my mom’s butt in scrabble …. then the heavy duty stuff wore off and I was essentially bed-ridden for a week. And, in crazy pain. Slowly I have weaned myself off of oxycodone, but recovery is moving at a glacier-like pace (although everyone says I am on-track).

I suppose there have been many silver-linings to this unexpected surgical hiccup:

  1. I really really appreciate the use of my legs. My days of extreme exercise are over
  2. I have great friends. Special shout out to Arif who is letting me stay with him while I do Dev Bootcamp
  3. I have had more time to write (short stories and maybe a new novel!) as well as query agents with Sandwatcher
  4. Ryan and I have had more time to iron out our single point of tension in the relationship. I think we are moving in a direction I am more comfortable with, but I suppose time will tell.

One more exciting bit of news to report: Beginning Sunday, I will be in Boston for Startup Lockdown — a 5 day / 5 person / 5 startup hackathon at HBS. The opportunity landed really unexpectedly in my lap (thanks Andrea!), but I jumped at the chance to participate. It is going to be intense (and right before DBC too), but I know I’ll learn a lot. My team has our kickoff tonight, so will definitely have more to report next time I check-in.


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  1. pmr616 said:

    Sounds like you are really doing wonderfully – completely leaning in to, and embracing every moment of your life! It’s a beautiful thing to see! Miss and love you, darlin!! Be patient and let yourself heal! xox

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