Dev Bootcamp / First week onsite

March 20 – March 27

First week of Dev Bootcamp onsite = DONE

We spent much of this first week reviewing a lot of what we’d learned in Phase 0 (the remote program before arriving onsite). In some ways this was good and in other ways it left me eager for the pace to pick up. At least now, I feel really competent at Ruby.

I do hope that next week and the following 2 months are filled with greater challenges (I suspect they will be given what I see the cohorts ahead of us working on). I also hope our lectures become more focused on the ecosystem around coding (great: I can write up some good code and save it in a ruby file, but then how do I turn this into a gem or an app or a program with some sort of user interface). I want to learn the practical parts of programming.


Otherwise the week was good. I didn’t realize how challenging it would be for me to be around so many people all the time (#introvertlife), but the Caltrain is actually super manageable so I was able to recharge at home with Ryan more nights than I had anticipated.

I also got to celebrate my best friend’s (Chris from WashU!) engagement. He and his wonderful fiancee, Lisa, had a small engagement party at R&G Lounge in SF (an amazing Chinese restaurant). The food and company were stellar. I cannot wait for bachelorette party / wedding fun! Who knew I would be a grooms[wo]men before ever being a bridesmaid?

I hope as my time in DBC progresses I am still able to see friends and family, get back to some writing, and really push my knowledge on the practical CS front. Will keep y’all posted!


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