Monthly Archives: May 2016

March 28 – May 25

I just graduated Dev Bootcamp! The last 10 weeks have been a grind – late nights, long weekends, caffeine addictions renewed — but it has been a total blast!

I can, with full confidence, call myself a web-developer. I have even tinkered around with mobile iOS development (something I will be diving deeper into over the next few weeks and beyond). I feel totally freed to build the technology I can imagine and desire to see built. I am excited to take these skills to Northwestern and use them alongside what I learn in my classes to hopefully start a business (we’ll see!)

Reflecting on Dev Bootcamp (and perhaps the bootcamp experience in general), I do have a few thoughts:

  1. Learning how to code is the tip of the iceberg. There are SO many technologies, dev tools, APIs, libraries, languages, etc. to use. Part of the challenge in building anything is not only knowing how to build that tech, but also knowing what to use to get it done in the best way given your goals.
  2. Your portfolio (what you’ve built) is more¬†important than a resume. Recruiters aren’t going to care you’re a smooth talker if you have nothing on your GitHub to show examples of your code. For the most part I think this is great (but may make it harder for my cohort mates to get their foot in the door).
  3. Bootcamps teach you a lot, but to be successful, you have to own your own learning (and recruiting process thereafter). This probably applies much more broadly than computer science.
  4. One of the biggest benefits of going to a bootcamp is the connections you make among your cohort. And, I had the BEST COHORT EVER!

Want to see what I’ve been building? Check out my website or my GitHub. And, feel free to hit me up if you have specific questions about DBC. Happy to dive in deeper with those interested!


After graduation I headed back to Orlando for my cousin’s graduation and a friend’s wedding. So far it has been a nice break as I figure out how best to change gears now that bootcamp is done.

I need to prepare for Northwestern (I start classes on 6/20!), but also figure out how to fit coding and writing into that (still digging in on iOS and still querying agents for Sandwatcher). Even though DBC is over, I am still feeling stressed by all I want to do. I know I’ll need to prioritize eventually, but right now I am having a hard time letting any one project / pursuit go.