Monthly Archives: June 2016

June 4 – June 18

I’ve moved to Evanston!

I start school (MMM program at Northwestern) on Monday with orientation (first class Friday). We have yet to get our schedules for the week, but I’ve had barely a moment to think about what comes next as moving has taken up most of my attention.

Moving is (obviously) a huge pain. Thankfully my mom came to help and I had as much as I possibly could coordinated ahead of time (furniture bought from a graduating student, apartment squared away, relevant items shipped, etc.). Nancy and I only got in one blow-out fight (so pretty good?).

Also, my randomly selected NETGEAR wifi password started with the words ‘magicalflute’ so I have to take that as a good omen.


Anyway, now I have to get started with homework (O_O) and continue working on my special side project. Can’t wait to share more about my new classes and classmates!

May 26 – June 3

Before the big move to Chicago, I spent some time at home celebrating my cousin’s high school graduation and the wedding of a high school (and middle school and elementary school) friend.

All in all it was a pretty relaxing week.

Got in some pool time:


Took Ryan to Universal and IOA (with Phil!):


Explored Orlando with Ryan (he seems sold on potentially living here one day — kind of crazy that that is a potential option for us now!):


And of course danced the night away at Traci’s wedding (what an amazing band!):


Next up is the big move to Chicago. Excited for what’s next (even though I’ll miss Ryan a lot). More to come on the move soon!