First 2 Weeks of School

June 19 – July 4

I cannot believe it has only been 2 weeks since I began school!

So far so good though. It has been an adjustment getting used to regular classes again, but I enjoy my cohort (50 – 60 people) and we’ve been having a lot of fun so far.


I was also elected our Summer Class Representative, which has been a bigger commitment than I anticipated. I feel very up to the challenge, but wish I had a little more time for writing and coding. I am hoping as things calm a bit, I can rejigger how I spend my time. I have two new book ideas I’ve started and want to keep pushing as well as a web / mobile app I am (slowly) developing.

Otherwise I am enjoying the Chicago area (of course it is still summer though). I’ve gotten to hang out with some of my friends in the area, though not all. Another time management consideration lol


We’re (shockingly) about to head into midterms (a side effect of a shortened summer quarter). I am feeling good about my business classes: Accounting, Strategy, and Business Analytics. All of which are pretty much review.

My only design class (for now — we have another design course starting up in a week) is interesting. Our goal over the summer is to develop an innovation-focused business and pitch it to actual investors at the end of the quarter. My group chose a pretty challenging problem, which in it of itself isn’t an issue, but many of my teammates haven’t shown great commitment to the project. This worries me a little, but hopefully that will change as we ramp up on our business plan. More soon!


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