Falling into Gear

September 5 – October 4

Well, Fall has really swung into gear! I can’t believe how fast the weeks go (and how slow the days). Business school is already feeling like a blur!

So far life has been pretty good though. I was re-elected to be our first year MMM representative and was chosen for a first year director role in the Kellogg High Tech Club. Both exec teams are STACKED. I have great friends on both and am pretty pumped for what we’ll be able to do. In general, I feel like I am getting closer to some MMMs and my KWESTies. I always struggle a little bit to make friends, but I am happy with the trend line there at the moment.


Classes are good, though I don’t quite feel like they cover what I am most excited to learn (next quarter?) – For Research, Design, Build we are working with a client that was recently revealed to be Harley-Davidson. I am pretty pumped about that (though can’t talk about the exact project).


On a personal front, I’ve been struggling a little. A family member is dealing with some health issues that seem pretty serious to me. On top of that Ryan has had to switch jobs (long story that isn’t exactly public yet) and left for his month-long Japan vacation (what was before a work-cation, but now is just for fun). I’m also writing a lot and still getting rejected a lot. Overall though, I’m trying to focus on the good things happening (which there are a lot of) and the journey.

Also, pumped about our New Years plan for this year: Mexico City – the crew is great: Joel, Tessa, Me, Kiki, Stefan, Andrew, Chris K, Chris M, Lisa – and we have 2 more spots in the AirBnB if others want to come. It’s going to be a blast!

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