April 19 – May 21

I just got back from the Nebula Conference (where the Nebula winners are selected each year). The conference was GREAT.

In addition to the most amazing swag bag I’ve ever received (books on books on books) …


… the conference programming and attendees were incredible. I’ve never met such a generous group of people before. Everyone I spoke with was super eager to help me, invite me into their communities, and share the advice that helped them succeed as writers. Also, I got to meet some pretty incredible people (authors of books and short stories I love, editors of the magazines I read, SFWA legends). And Neil Clarke was there (who I technically didn’t build up the nerve to talk to, but one day!).

I feel like one weekend with a bunch of fellow writers has done more for helping me navigate the genre fiction world than years of attempts on my own. I was jazzed about my future as a writer before, but now I am euphoric!

Sadly, I lived in the moment slightly too much and took basically no pictures. Here is one of the robots at the awards banquet:


Lots to do now looking forward. I am totally 180’ing my editing process given feedback I heard from the very generous authors who shared their advice with me. I need to crank out two new stories for a VP workshop application (due in 3 weeks!). And, I need to really up my reading game (time I share the love and put more novels into my regular rotation of short stories).

Next weekend is Chris’s wedding (#groomswoman) and more Ryan time 🙂

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