Weddings + Summer

May 22 – June 18

The last month has been crazy good busy.

First, I had the esteemed honor of being a groomswoman at my friend Chris’s wedding. Chris and Lisa’s wedding was beautiful! I feel so lucky to have been a part of their great day. I love them both so much!

Then back to Evanston for exams, which I …. made it through. Actually my PM class group knocked our client project out of the park. I feel really proud of the work we did and ended the quarter on an academic high!

After, I flew to the Bay Area for my summer internship and Mia’s wedding.

As per usual, I was awful at taking pictures, but Mia’s wedding was amazing! I also got to see all of my old Khan Academy pals and had an amazing time catching up and sharing stories.

This past week I also started at Facebook. Only one week in and I am loving it. I have an amazing team and am excited about the work I’ll be doing.

A month of great news and happy moments has been punctuated by a bit of a wrench though. I got some labs done to get a routine check on my health and apparently my cholesterol is a little high. To be honest, that’s not super surprising considering I eat red meat basically every day.

Sadly, I am going to actually try to take the warning seriously and cut back on steak. Where has my youth gone?


Goodbye 1lb burger “salads”

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