2016 August

August 8 – September 4

I can’t believe another month has gone by!

My visit with Ryan was great (I miss that guy!) — and I don’t think I bombed out too hard on studying for finals (so far I did fairly well — three confirmed A’s out of five; unfortunately it was the last two classes I am most at risk for B’s, meh – grades don’t matter).


Right after Ryan left, all the regular MBAs came to campus. I have to admit, while I am excited to meet everyone else, it is a little sad that our MMM group will now be spread across everyone. I didn’t realize how much I appreciated having them and just them around. I’m sure our bonds will remain strong though (particularly given we’ll have classes together each quarter until graduation).

Now onto KWEST! I went to the Galapagos for my KWEST. And, I had a blast! Aside from a small battle with food-poisoning (man my stomach is weak), the trip was A+. I really enjoyed the people (more than I expected) and left with fond memories and new friends. We’ve actually continued to hang out with each other now that we’re back on campus! So great!


Unfortunately, right after KWEST, we jumped straight into CIM (regular MBA orientation). This non-stop activity has given my health a serious pause (so sick!). Other than this, there has also been some added stress from a bit of drama concerning how sections were formed.

Basically, the Academic team wanted to make their lives easier by putting everyone who waived finance into one of two sections (Poets or Turkeys). They didn’t seem to give much forethought to what this might mean for diversity in each of these sections (low number of women, very low number of underrepresented minorities, no veterans, high international). The administration clearly screwed up, but instead of just admitting this and acknowledging it is too late to fix, the Deans involved in the mishap have been defensive. While, I am not as angry / upset as a lot of people are about this section-forming snafu, I am disappointed in how the administration has dealt with it. Doesn’t give me a lot of faith in Dean Merrick or Dean Wynes (maybe they should audit a MORS class?).


Anyway, we have 2 weeks of MORS (think of this as leadership class) before the fall quarter starts. I am looking forward to a more regular schedule!

July 5 – August 7

Man the summer has blown by fast! Here is a quick recap:


To be completely honest, I’ve been a bit disappointed by our classes this summer. The Kellogg classes we’re taking (Strategy, Accounting, Statistics) are all subjects I have experience in. Due to this, I’m not learning a whole lot (but maybe this is on me for not waiving classes? not planning to make the same mistake with marketing in the fall). Our two design classes are okay, but I think our teachers tend to show us more sausage than teach us how the sausage is made (which is what I am eager to learn). We have been exposed to some new technology through this coursework though (e.g., software for 3D printing, the Adobe Suite, etc).



One exciting outcome of our Innovation Frontiers class has been the idea for a new startup (named Trove). I like the idea a lot, but, as this is a required class (not opt-in), I think a few members of my team just want to deliver the minimum (in this case, write-ups describing the idea). It has been frustrating at times feeling like I and 1-2 others are pulling the weight for the entire team. I’ve spoken to everyone about carrying the idea forward after the class is done and, I have to say, I wasn’t exactly disappointed when it seemed as though no one else wanted to help. I would have been open to one teammate in particular joining me, but otherwise I am not excited to carry the weight of an entire team moving forward, particularly if it means sharing equity.



The people in my program are great, but I have yet to really click with anyone. I am not big into drinking, going out late, and partying multiple times a week. I worry that not having this type of social-leaning in business school is going to hurt my ability to make friends. But, after having spent a few weeks living the aforementioned lifestyle, I know I don’t have it in me to do that. I really hope I find my crew relatively soon. And, who knows? Maybe they are in MMM and I just haven’t figured it out yet.


Ryan is visiting next week (yay!). I have my finals while he’s here and then off to the Galapagos for KWEST (a pre-term Kellogg trip). Excited to share more when I return!