2017 March

March 23 – April 18

Back to school. Man and it hits like a ton of bricks. Not sure how well my new and improved (?) chillaxed attitude is meshing with my new workload. It certainly doesn’t help that Ryan came to visit me two weeks after school started (whoops, but also :D).

Anyway, Kellogg moved into a new building (the Global Hub which some people are trying to dub the G-spot). The building is beautiful and amazing (albeit a little bit further away …. thank goodness the weather has turned for the better!)


My classes this quarter are actually pretty good, which has only made my decision to de-prioritize academics even more difficult. I’ve just come to the realization that I may never have a chance like this to write and read as much fiction again; so that’s what I’ve chosen. Still getting rejected a lot. But, at least my battered self esteem is doing little to dissuade me from writing. It’ll happen for me one day (just got to keep working hard).

The only other exciting bit of news from the last month is Ryan has appeared to really rev up the seriousness of our relationship. Just this weekend he took me ring shopping (O_O) …….


NOTE: not the ring 😛

Looking forward to him actually pulling the trigger whenever that happens. Who would have thought it two years ago?

March 1 – March 22

These last two weeks I’ve been on spring break, so forgive me for not having much to say about the end of winter quarter. I seriously don’t remember being stressed over finals (nor studying much for them tbh). I’ve been in break bliss.

Just prior to heading off, I did accept a summer internship offer from Facebook (Monetization Product Marketing Manager Intern on the Media Monetization Team — try saying that 10 times fast). It was a really difficult decision, one I can get into more detail on in a one-on-one convo if you’re inclined to reach out. I do feel like it was the right choice for me this summer among numerous great choices.

For spring break, Ryan and I decided to head to Park City, Utah for two weeks of reading and writing. Halfway through, a few of my friends from b-school stopped by ahead of a national park road trip and we got to watch Northwestern play in their first-ever NCAA tournament!

Northwestern unfortunately lost (but it was a second round game and they really did show up in the second half), but that has seriously been the only low point of my entire vacation.

I’ve read a ton of short stories and novelettes (mainly the Nebula nominees – a good list with links here: LINK). I’ve also finished Charlie Jane Anders’ All the Birds in the Sky. Honestly, I was a little disappointed given how many great things I’d heard about it, but understand that punk-hipster-hacker novels just may not be my thing. I’ve also started (and plan to finish in the next few days) Too Like the Lightning by Ada Palmer. This book as at the exact opposite end of the sci-fi spectrum to Anders’ and is more my speed, but maybe still not quite my speed. The novel is heady and highly philosophical (if you like Voltaire and/or Jack Vance, I recommend rocket-boosting Too Like the Lightning to the top of your list).

I’ve also (obviously) done a ton of writing — will have at least 2 (maybe 3) submission-worthy stories by the end of the trip – feeling GREAT about that!

Oh and Ryan and I have definitely had a chance to up the nerd ante even more when the SLC Comic Con came to town:

I seriously wish these two weeks could just be my life ……