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August 15 – September 8 – Family Time

Well, I took a break from my travels to come back to Orlando for my cousins’ b’nai mitzvah. Aside from the requisite (and quite fun!) family time, I had a fairly productive few weeks in the States.

Checked off:
1) Wrote and submitted all my business school applications (6 schools)
2) Applied and was admitted to Dev Bootcamp (wahoo!!!)
3) Got into (really into) crossfit
4) Checked off all my doctors’ appointments (including more vaccines yay!)
5) Unpacked and repacked a much smaller suitcase for travels

A few pics from my time home:

Luf1 Luf 2
Fam 1 Fam 2
HP1 HP 2
BMitz Keno 1
Keno 2 Keno 3

Next up: XOXO in Portland! Then off to Japan 🙂

August 2 – August 9 – Kuala Lumpur

Let me start by saying Kuala Lumpur is amazing.

A few caveats:

  • We began our stay with my friend Ravi who has a pretty amazing apartment in the heart of KL and a driver (Razmi!) who offered to take us around
  • I have not seen one mosquito or ant. I worry my newfound love of spiders and lizards (the pests that actually eat the mosquitos and ants) may quickly disappear

Still … what. a. place. A few of the KL highlights:

Petronas Towers

Pet1 Pet2
Pet4 Pet5
Pet6 Pet7

Crazy foods (how big is that watermelon?? and that cinnamon!)

Food1 IMG_1756
Food2 Food6
Food4 Food5

Nearby historical colonial town of Malacca / Melaka

Mel2 Mel3

Batu Caves

Batu1 Batu2

Islamic Art Museum


August 10 – August 14 – Shah Alam

I left Ravi’s very wonderful company to visit the family of my friend Arif!

Aside from dealing with the onset of a cold (I think all this travel is finally catching up with me!), my stay was immensely wonderful. Arif’s family is incredibly kind and generous! They took me around to see more of Malaysia (Shah Alam, Putrajaya, One City). A few highlights in pictures below (sorry I forgot to take as many this time!):

Raz1 Raz2
Raz3 Mosque1
Mosque2 Mosque4
Mosque5 Mosque6
Mosque7 Prime Minister
Me in Mosque!

Tonight I will be heading back to Orlando for my cousins’ B’nai Mitzvah! After I will be off to Japan, then Shanghai (officially booked!), then Ko Lanta in Thailand (also officially booked!!!!).