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March 7 – April 2

What a busy month! The highlights:

Joe Biden came to Kellogg! I enjoyed hearing him speak. His strongest part centered around what he believes have always been America’s key core strengths:

  1. A willingness to challenge tradition and status-quo
  2. An unyielding stream of immigrants (some of the best and brightest) from other countries

I agree with his stance and left the talk with a more positive impression of Joe (though I know he’s not perfect).


My Business Innovation Lab team presented our findings to Hormel, our big client this quarter. The presentation went well and, while we were in Austin (Minnesota), we got to visit the SPAM museum. Turns out (surprise) I don’t like SPAM, but maybe I haven’t given it a fair shake?


Finally, I flew back to Orlando with Ryan and his parents. His parents got to meet my family (O_O!). I think it went well. And of course we also did a bunch of wedding stuff including our food and cake tasting. Everything was delicious, and I am so excited for the wedding (food). I also locked in hair and makeup as well as music and invitations. But the real highlight, was hanging out with this special rascal:


One more quarter of school and then I get my summer of writing 😉 (oh and moving and wedding and moving again)

PS – I also added a new page to my website where I plan to post writing resources I collect along my journey. Definitely check it out if you’re interested!

March 23 – April 18

Back to school. Man and it hits like a ton of bricks. Not sure how well my new and improved (?) chillaxed attitude is meshing with my new workload. It certainly doesn’t help that Ryan came to visit me two weeks after school started (whoops, but also :D).

Anyway, Kellogg moved into a new building (the Global Hub which some people are trying to dub the G-spot). The building is beautiful and amazing (albeit a little bit further away …. thank goodness the weather has turned for the better!)


My classes this quarter are actually pretty good, which has only made my decision to de-prioritize academics even more difficult. I’ve just come to the realization that I may never have a chance like this to write and read as much fiction again; so that’s what I’ve chosen. Still getting rejected a lot. But, at least my battered self esteem is doing little to dissuade me from writing. It’ll happen for me one day (just got to keep working hard).

The only other exciting bit of news from the last month is Ryan has appeared to really rev up the seriousness of our relationship. Just this weekend he took me ring shopping (O_O) …….


NOTE: not the ring 😛

Looking forward to him actually pulling the trigger whenever that happens. Who would have thought it two years ago?

March 1 – March 22

These last two weeks I’ve been on spring break, so forgive me for not having much to say about the end of winter quarter. I seriously don’t remember being stressed over finals (nor studying much for them tbh). I’ve been in break bliss.

Just prior to heading off, I did accept a summer internship offer from Facebook (Monetization Product Marketing Manager Intern on the Media Monetization Team — try saying that 10 times fast). It was a really difficult decision, one I can get into more detail on in a one-on-one convo if you’re inclined to reach out. I do feel like it was the right choice for me this summer among numerous great choices.

For spring break, Ryan and I decided to head to Park City, Utah for two weeks of reading and writing. Halfway through, a few of my friends from b-school stopped by ahead of a national park road trip and we got to watch Northwestern play in their first-ever NCAA tournament!

Northwestern unfortunately lost (but it was a second round game and they really did show up in the second half), but that has seriously been the only low point of my entire vacation.

I’ve read a ton of short stories and novelettes (mainly the Nebula nominees – a good list with links here: LINK). I’ve also finished Charlie Jane Anders’ All the Birds in the Sky. Honestly, I was a little disappointed given how many great things I’d heard about it, but understand that punk-hipster-hacker novels just may not be my thing. I’ve also started (and plan to finish in the next few days) Too Like the Lightning by Ada Palmer. This book as at the exact opposite end of the sci-fi spectrum to Anders’ and is more my speed, but maybe still not quite my speed. The novel is heady and highly philosophical (if you like Voltaire and/or Jack Vance, I recommend rocket-boosting Too Like the Lightning to the top of your list).

I’ve also (obviously) done a ton of writing — will have at least 2 (maybe 3) submission-worthy stories by the end of the trip – feeling GREAT about that!

Oh and Ryan and I have definitely had a chance to up the nerd ante even more when the SLC Comic Con came to town:

I seriously wish these two weeks could just be my life ……

December 9 – January 26

Sorry it has been so long since an update! I thoroughly enjoyed my winter break and then have been thoroughly not enjoying recruiting since coming back to school.

But, let’s start with the good stuff.

After my finals, I flew to CA to spend time with Ryan. I was a pretty bad friend and told no one I was in town so I could get some quality time with him. It was nice to have no interruption, especially since I see him so rarely 🙁


After a week or so, we traveled to LA to spend the holidays with Ryan’s family. I think all went well (although I did not hide my anti-socialness as well as I thought). Ryan’s parents were also very generous with their steak dinners 😉

I ultimately left LA festivities soon after Christmas and traveled to Mexico City for the annual New Years trip. A few of our regulars couldn’t make it this year (:(), but two of my college friends joined us and Joel brought a whole crew (though, we didn’t see much of them to be honest). Chris, Briggs, and I generally got our exploration on and I left Mexico City thoroughly impressed. Good food, good people, good prices, great culture.

Since New Years, I’ve been very focused on recruiting. So far I’ve received some good news from a few companies (3 final rounds, potentially a fourth, and 1 offer). Interviewing (and preparing for interviews) is a lot more tiring and stressful than I suspected it would be, but I’ve been lucky to have a really good prep group with friends. I am also lucky to be drawing so close to the other side of this whole beast.

Next I just need to figure out where to go for spring break 😉

November 17 – December 8

Well another quarter (and birthday!) done.

Thanksgiving was great. There were (almost) no fights although certain people in my family did seem awfully eager to pick some (*cough*mom*cough*). Got to hang out with all my favs though, including these two:


I also happened to be highly productive – applying to all of the on-campus tech roles I am recruiting for. I find out if I’ve been invited to interview for most of these over the next few weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh! And I celebrated my 27th birthday. While, it does feel strange to be ever further away from childhood, I actually feel like a lot of good things in my life are coming together (in other words, I don’t really feel the pressure of a ticking clock). I am in a great relationship (with Keno, my dog, obviously), have great career opportunities, feel more and more satisfied with myself as a person, and have really invested in skills (both professional and personal) I find myself using often and deliberately. I think each year has been better than the last for a few years now. Hoping to keep up the trend!

Speaking of great feelings, I just wrapped finals! (Did I say great feelings?) — Finals went …. uh …. yeah. Let’s just say, I think I’ll be getting B’s in MORS (our leadership class) and Operations. The B in MORS is pretty silly – I actually did well in the class, but my teacher has a rule that only 40% of his class get A’s. This doesn’t really make sense to me if the averages on assignments and exams are above 90%. My scores were good (>90% on most graded activities / exercises), but I probably was too close to the average to get an A (boo!). On the other hand, I totally deserve the B in Operations. Didn’t find the class too enthralling, so I basically stopped going about a third of the way in (wrote a lot of fiction though :)). I DO think barring any major surprises, Research-Design-Build (RDB) and Accelerated Finance will be A’s.


Ultimately, I ended the quarter on a high note I think. In RDB, we got to present our final projects to Harley-Davidson’s CEO (pictured below!) and I was really really happy with my team’s work. It was a great end to a bumpy quarter.


Now to the break! It will be a mix of relaxing and working. Goals: 1) Prep for behavioral interviews (ugh ugh ugh), 2) write 3 submission-worthy stories (probably the biggest challenge listed here), 3) impress Ryan’s family over Christmas, and 4) have a great time in Mexico with the crew (Briggs! Chris K! Chris M! Joel! Stefan!) — see y’all in 2017 (O_O)

October 5 – November 16

Well the rest of the quarter went by fast – whew!

October was a great month though. Aside from recruiting craziness picking up, I feel like I am getting better at the whole balance thing.

I also had two friends (Chris and Stef!) come visit Halloween weekend. It was so great to catch up with both of them. We also saw Hamilton in Chicago that weekend (it was AMAZING).


Kellogg’s big fall formal also happened in October (Fall Ball). The event was great, but my favorite part was definitely the two hours my crew spent hummer limo-ing around Chicago before the event.


November kicked off with the election (see my last post for more detailed thoughts there). I am still not quite over the results. Don’t support Trump. Not impressed with some of the cabinet members being floated around nor his ideas around policy. But, we are where we are, so still hoping for the best there.

Otherwise, November is going well. Everyone on KTech exec went to Michigan last weekend for a retreat. It was so nice to spend a night away from Kellogg with no technology and just each other. I feel closer to everyone who went and can’t wait to go again (hopefully soon).


(love folks’ faces in this pic :P)

I am really really excited about the Thanksgiving break. Though I will be spending most of it writing cover letters and working on projects for school (boo!), I will also get some quality time with Ryan. I haven’t seen him in two months and am going utterly crazy over the whole separation. I am equally (if not more) excited to also get some time in with Keno:


(don’t know why that edit & send is there :/)

Not looking forward to the political drama that will inevitably erupt among my politically-split family over Thanksgiving dinner, but at least I’ll have the food to comfort me 🙂

After, I’ll have a week of class before finals then will be off to the Bay for the holidays. Looking forward to all my Ryan time <3

September 5 – October 4

Well, Fall has really swung into gear! I can’t believe how fast the weeks go (and how slow the days). Business school is already feeling like a blur!

So far life has been pretty good though. I was re-elected to be our first year MMM representative and was chosen for a first year director role in the Kellogg High Tech Club. Both exec teams are STACKED. I have great friends on both and am pretty pumped for what we’ll be able to do. In general, I feel like I am getting closer to some MMMs and my KWESTies. I always struggle a little bit to make friends, but I am happy with the trend line there at the moment.


Classes are good, though I don’t quite feel like they cover what I am most excited to learn (next quarter?) – For Research, Design, Build we are working with a client that was recently revealed to be Harley-Davidson. I am pretty pumped about that (though can’t talk about the exact project).


On a personal front, I’ve been struggling a little. A family member is dealing with some health issues that seem pretty serious to me. On top of that Ryan has had to switch jobs (long story that isn’t exactly public yet) and left for his month-long Japan vacation (what was before a work-cation, but now is just for fun). I’m also writing a lot and still getting rejected a lot. Overall though, I’m trying to focus on the good things happening (which there are a lot of) and the journey.

Also, pumped about our New Years plan for this year: Mexico City – the crew is great: Joel, Tessa, Me, Kiki, Stefan, Andrew, Chris K, Chris M, Lisa – and we have 2 more spots in the AirBnB if others want to come. It’s going to be a blast!

August 8 – September 4

I can’t believe another month has gone by!

My visit with Ryan was great (I miss that guy!) — and I don’t think I bombed out too hard on studying for finals (so far I did fairly well — three confirmed A’s out of five; unfortunately it was the last two classes I am most at risk for B’s, meh – grades don’t matter).


Right after Ryan left, all the regular MBAs came to campus. I have to admit, while I am excited to meet everyone else, it is a little sad that our MMM group will now be spread across everyone. I didn’t realize how much I appreciated having them and just them around. I’m sure our bonds will remain strong though (particularly given we’ll have classes together each quarter until graduation).

Now onto KWEST! I went to the Galapagos for my KWEST. And, I had a blast! Aside from a small battle with food-poisoning (man my stomach is weak), the trip was A+. I really enjoyed the people (more than I expected) and left with fond memories and new friends. We’ve actually continued to hang out with each other now that we’re back on campus! So great!


Unfortunately, right after KWEST, we jumped straight into CIM (regular MBA orientation). This non-stop activity has given my health a serious pause (so sick!). Other than this, there has also been some added stress from a bit of drama concerning how sections were formed.

Basically, the Academic team wanted to make their lives easier by putting everyone who waived finance into one of two sections (Poets or Turkeys). They didn’t seem to give much forethought to what this might mean for diversity in each of these sections (low number of women, very low number of underrepresented minorities, no veterans, high international). The administration clearly screwed up, but instead of just admitting this and acknowledging it is too late to fix, the Deans involved in the mishap have been defensive. While, I am not as angry / upset as a lot of people are about this section-forming snafu, I am disappointed in how the administration has dealt with it. Doesn’t give me a lot of faith in Dean Merrick or Dean Wynes (maybe they should audit a MORS class?).


Anyway, we have 2 weeks of MORS (think of this as leadership class) before the fall quarter starts. I am looking forward to a more regular schedule!

July 5 – August 7

Man the summer has blown by fast! Here is a quick recap:


To be completely honest, I’ve been a bit disappointed by our classes this summer. The Kellogg classes we’re taking (Strategy, Accounting, Statistics) are all subjects I have experience in. Due to this, I’m not learning a whole lot (but maybe this is on me for not waiving classes? not planning to make the same mistake with marketing in the fall). Our two design classes are okay, but I think our teachers tend to show us more sausage than teach us how the sausage is made (which is what I am eager to learn). We have been exposed to some new technology through this coursework though (e.g., software for 3D printing, the Adobe Suite, etc).



One exciting outcome of our Innovation Frontiers class has been the idea for a new startup (named Trove). I like the idea a lot, but, as this is a required class (not opt-in), I think a few members of my team just want to deliver the minimum (in this case, write-ups describing the idea). It has been frustrating at times feeling like I and 1-2 others are pulling the weight for the entire team. I’ve spoken to everyone about carrying the idea forward after the class is done and, I have to say, I wasn’t exactly disappointed when it seemed as though no one else wanted to help. I would have been open to one teammate in particular joining me, but otherwise I am not excited to carry the weight of an entire team moving forward, particularly if it means sharing equity.



The people in my program are great, but I have yet to really click with anyone. I am not big into drinking, going out late, and partying multiple times a week. I worry that not having this type of social-leaning in business school is going to hurt my ability to make friends. But, after having spent a few weeks living the aforementioned lifestyle, I know I don’t have it in me to do that. I really hope I find my crew relatively soon. And, who knows? Maybe they are in MMM and I just haven’t figured it out yet.


Ryan is visiting next week (yay!). I have my finals while he’s here and then off to the Galapagos for KWEST (a pre-term Kellogg trip). Excited to share more when I return!

June 19 – July 4

I cannot believe it has only been 2 weeks since I began school!

So far so good though. It has been an adjustment getting used to regular classes again, but I enjoy my cohort (50 – 60 people) and we’ve been having a lot of fun so far.


I was also elected our Summer Class Representative, which has been a bigger commitment than I anticipated. I feel very up to the challenge, but wish I had a little more time for writing and coding. I am hoping as things calm a bit, I can rejigger how I spend my time. I have two new book ideas I’ve started and want to keep pushing as well as a web / mobile app I am (slowly) developing.

Otherwise I am enjoying the Chicago area (of course it is still summer though). I’ve gotten to hang out with some of my friends in the area, though not all. Another time management consideration lol


We’re (shockingly) about to head into midterms (a side effect of a shortened summer quarter). I am feeling good about my business classes: Accounting, Strategy, and Business Analytics. All of which are pretty much review.

My only design class (for now — we have another design course starting up in a week) is interesting. Our goal over the summer is to develop an innovation-focused business and pitch it to actual investors at the end of the quarter. My group chose a pretty challenging problem, which in it of itself isn’t an issue, but many of my teammates haven’t shown great commitment to the project. This worries me a little, but hopefully that will change as we ramp up on our business plan. More soon!