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December 21 – January 6

We just returned from New Years in London! It was an amazing trip.

I began the break by joining Gaurav and Lyn (plus Lyn’s family) for my first Christmas ever. Lyn’s brother and sister-in-law are impressive cooks and it was fun to partake in some British Christmas traditions (wait … are crackers an American thing too?). I (like a dork) especially enjoyed watching the Queen’s special Christmas message she delivers each year.


Lyn and Gaurav continued to be great hosts (letting me crash at Lyn’s / their place). We mostly just drank mulled wine, celebrated Boxing Day (what is this celebrating?) with friends, and walking around a little bit (South Bank, Baker Street).


Soon after, the rest of the gang arrived: Stefan, Joel, Andrew, Chris, Arif, and Ryan. We stayed in Shoreditch in a good (but a bit tight) AirBnB and spent some serious time museuming (or at least Ry and I did).


  1. The British Museum is actually huge (you will NOT be able to do it in one day)
  2. V&A Museum is a must-see / a little less well-known (great rec Arif!)
  3. Churchill’s Bunker was very cool if you are a history buff (did you know his party lost the election before WWII ended and he actually wasn’t prime minister as the war came to a close?)
  4. Do a street art tour — very interesting (in fact, worth probably finding some other walking tours — definitely a highlight)
  5. Tower of London and Westminster Abbey are a bit pricey, but I actually thought fairly worth it (make sure you do the free audio tour for the latter)






And of course we had a great New Years at Lyn’s — keeping the tradition alive that Briggs, Lyn, and I started a few years back (we always spend New Year’s together). I am excited that Chris, Arif, and Joel are now repeat participants (hoping they and the others stick with us indefinitely!)


Ryan and I also managed to spend one day in Iceland on our way to Orlando (he is meeting the family!).

While winter is not prime tourist season in Iceland (think total darkness from 4p to 10a every day), the country is BEAUTIFUL. I would love to go back and roadtrip across the country.


What a great couple weeks, but now back to reality. Dev Bootcamp is picking up the pace (significantly!), I still have my book to finish revising (ahhhh!!!) and I need to figure out where I’ll be going to b-school. More on all this soon!