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September 11 – October 1

Back to school! My last year at Kellogg is shaping up to be a great one so far. Not only do my classes seem more than manageable (at least as of now), I have huge gaps in my daily schedule which are perfect for writing and reading. While I haven’t written anything noteworthy in the last month, I have been marathoning through my reading list (mostly in preparation for Viable Paradise – two weeks away!)

My last first day of school:


I’ve also officially signed my offer to return to Facebook, and I could not be more excited! I requested a bit of a late start date in order to free up my July / August for Clarion (which I will be applying to in December). My team approved the September start but for a date a little later than I wanted (9/17). When I mentioned this to Ry he suggested we use the few extra weeks to get married (<— yep, that’s how he said it).

So, even though we aren’t officially engaged yet, we’ve already started planning a Labor Day wedding. Honestly, the lack of romance doesn’t bother me – I really like the idea of getting married before starting work. That way we can just enjoy our time with family without me being a total stress pot. So far, wedding planning has been going like this:

Mom: Sydney, what do you think about X

Me: Okay.

Mom: And what about Y

Me: Okay.

Is there an opposite of a bridezilla?

Also, looks like the wedding will be in the same venue I had my Bat Mizvah – circle of life?

Last exciting update: Nancy and Kiki got a puppy! Excited to meet Gator over Thanksgiving!


My next post will be after VP – can’t wait to share how the week goes!

August 1 – September 10

What an incredibly busy last month in the Bay!

First, my family came to visit, and we went to Lazy Bear. I’ve been to this award-winning restaurant three times now, but my last visit was 2 years ago. This may be a controversial statement, but I was actually pretty disappointed this time around. I remember feeling wowed by both the service and the dishes my last two visits – each bite feeling like some new explosive flavor I just had to have more of. This time, it felt like many dishes leaned into a more polarizing flavor (e.g., let’s really bring out the fishiness) and overall was less ‘umami’. The service was also a bit lackluster – my mom ordered a drink she never got and it took way longer than usual to actually get seated downstairs. I don’t think I will be back.

Here are the photos anyway (the best dishes for me were the corn grits and the peach-shaped ice cream dessert):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also finished my internship with Facebook. My entire internship was great, but my last month was exceptional – I got to be the PMM for a new product and work in a truly cross-functional team. I loved our product, our team, and how much we accomplished in the month I was there. I am sad to have left but am eager to see where the product goes (likely to be launched in the first half of next year :D).

Oh – I also got a return offer for full-time 🙂 AND, while I am still ironing out the details of the offer with my recruiter, I am fairly certain I will accept. This summer really exceeded my expectations and I genuinely enjoyed working with everyone on my teams.

Right after I finished, I went on a week-long vacation to Hawaii (Kona) with Ryan and his parents. The trip was fine, but it became clear to me very quickly that Ry’s parents had a very different “ideal Hawaii vacation” than me. They wanted to go to every national park on the island and all the major museums – I just wanted to read on the beach (where we spent a cumulative 45 mins in the whole time we were on the island). Different strokes for different folks I guess – I think for future vacations, I need to be a little more in control of my own itinerary than I was for this one. Group vacationing while introverted is generally challenging anyway.

Speaking of vacations, we’ve officially decided our annual New Years trip location for this year: Seoul! I’ll send a message out to the group shortly, but please ping me directly if you’re excited to join us 🙂

Now I’m back in Evanston (doing homework 🙁 ) – tomorrow is my last first day of class ever!

March 1 – March 22

These last two weeks I’ve been on spring break, so forgive me for not having much to say about the end of winter quarter. I seriously don’t remember being stressed over finals (nor studying much for them tbh). I’ve been in break bliss.

Just prior to heading off, I did accept a summer internship offer from Facebook (Monetization Product Marketing Manager Intern on the Media Monetization Team — try saying that 10 times fast). It was a really difficult decision, one I can get into more detail on in a one-on-one convo if you’re inclined to reach out. I do feel like it was the right choice for me this summer among numerous great choices.

For spring break, Ryan and I decided to head to Park City, Utah for two weeks of reading and writing. Halfway through, a few of my friends from b-school stopped by ahead of a national park road trip and we got to watch Northwestern play in their first-ever NCAA tournament!

Northwestern unfortunately lost (but it was a second round game and they really did show up in the second half), but that has seriously been the only low point of my entire vacation.

I’ve read a ton of short stories and novelettes (mainly the Nebula nominees – a good list with links here: LINK). I’ve also finished Charlie Jane Anders’ All the Birds in the Sky. Honestly, I was a little disappointed given how many great things I’d heard about it, but understand that punk-hipster-hacker novels just may not be my thing. I’ve also started (and plan to finish in the next few days) Too Like the Lightning by Ada Palmer. This book as at the exact opposite end of the sci-fi spectrum to Anders’ and is more my speed, but maybe still not quite my speed. The novel is heady and highly philosophical (if you like Voltaire and/or Jack Vance, I recommend rocket-boosting Too Like the Lightning to the top of your list).

I’ve also (obviously) done a ton of writing — will have at least 2 (maybe 3) submission-worthy stories by the end of the trip – feeling GREAT about that!

Oh and Ryan and I have definitely had a chance to up the nerd ante even more when the SLC Comic Con came to town:

I seriously wish these two weeks could just be my life ……

January 27 – February 28

I am officially done recruiting! Well, kind of. I am done interviewing and have heard back from every place I’ve interviewed with, but have yet to pick an offer. Which is great because my deadline to do so in 2 days. No Pressure.

Honestly, I am a little stressed out between two of my choices. Both great companies, but one would definitely be more of a lifestyle choice and the other more of a career choice. In my next post I’ll share who I’ve accepted, in the mean time, here are my general impressions and tales of recruiting ups and downs:


  1. Amazon – Wow, Amazon loves MBAs. They interviewed a ton of people (often for multiple roles – my experience). I wish they had taken into account our preferences a little bit more (I was asked in a first round if I was interested in PM or PMT, I said PM, but my final round was for PMT). I generally liked everyone I spoke to there though and didn’t really see the infamous culture that sometimes gets them bad press
  2. Apple – Also likes MBAs, but definitely more of a later-game recruiter (which is interesting for such a big tech company!). I didn’t hear back from Apple until late February and they had lots of roles they wanted me to interview for. At this point, I had already narrowed my choices down to two firms, so ultimately decided not to interview. I’ve heard good things from those who have though
  3. Microsoft – LOVE Microsoft and Seattle. The first round seemed very focused on my understanding of Microsoft, but the final was more about me and my fit. Two of my four interviewers asked me to pitch my book (<— okay it sounds fun now, but in the moment I was like, oh no I haven’t practiced this in months O_O)
  4. Intuit – Maybe the best group of people I’ve met throughout my recruiting process. So generous, welcoming, kind, and smart. There are individuals I met here that I genuinely want to be friends with. Was very impressed with the people and the culture.
  5. Google – Google’s process is interesting. You basically just apply to Google (no specific role) and they select what they want to interview you for. Honestly, I didn’t have a problem with this (it was like taking a career quiz – seeing where Google thought I’d fit best). I ended up getting an interview with YouTube, so I think they did a good job selecting the team for me 😉 (seriously, I bet I’ve watched more YouTube than anyone who applied this year).
  6. Facebook – Also exceeded my expectations. The first rounds were very different person to person, but mine was very focused on self-reflection. Final round was incredibly structured (which I appreciated!) and the team seemed both focused on me as a person and what I could specifically bring to FB (I thought this was a good balance).
  7. LinkedIn – So, this was the only company I was a bit disappointed in recruiting process-wise. It felt like different parts of the recruiting team weren’t talking to each other. I did a phone screen very early with them (November?) and was told I’d received an official interview for December (which ultimately didn’t materialize, but holidays ya’know). I get a call in early January saying one of the roles I’d applied for had been filled. That same week I received an email from a different recruiter, informing me my interview was delayed because they wanted to go through all the candidates before interviewing anyone (hmmmmm?). Early February, I received another email saying my interview would be in a few weeks. Then in late February, I got a call saying they weren’t going to interview me at all (womp womp). Seems like there may be some opportunity for improvement there, but who knows if there’s context I don’t have.
  8. Stripe – Apparently isn’t taking MBA interns, but I tried? Haha


Now that recruiting is (almost) done, I am REALLY enjoying life. Think: writing a lot, reading a lot, and maybe playing a video game or two 😉

I’m also going to Utah for Spring Break in two weeks. Ryan and I are staying in Park City and a few of my friends from business school are swinging by for a few days. I am eager to get some quality time with Mr. Ryan. Long distance has not been easy, but when we’re together, in-person, everything is better <3

December 9 – January 26

Sorry it has been so long since an update! I thoroughly enjoyed my winter break and then have been thoroughly not enjoying recruiting since coming back to school.

But, let’s start with the good stuff.

After my finals, I flew to CA to spend time with Ryan. I was a pretty bad friend and told no one I was in town so I could get some quality time with him. It was nice to have no interruption, especially since I see him so rarely 🙁


After a week or so, we traveled to LA to spend the holidays with Ryan’s family. I think all went well (although I did not hide my anti-socialness as well as I thought). Ryan’s parents were also very generous with their steak dinners 😉

I ultimately left LA festivities soon after Christmas and traveled to Mexico City for the annual New Years trip. A few of our regulars couldn’t make it this year (:(), but two of my college friends joined us and Joel brought a whole crew (though, we didn’t see much of them to be honest). Chris, Briggs, and I generally got our exploration on and I left Mexico City thoroughly impressed. Good food, good people, good prices, great culture.

Since New Years, I’ve been very focused on recruiting. So far I’ve received some good news from a few companies (3 final rounds, potentially a fourth, and 1 offer). Interviewing (and preparing for interviews) is a lot more tiring and stressful than I suspected it would be, but I’ve been lucky to have a really good prep group with friends. I am also lucky to be drawing so close to the other side of this whole beast.

Next I just need to figure out where to go for spring break 😉