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January 5 – February 5

This past month has been very wedding and writing centric for me.

Wedding: Who knew planning weddings would be stressful? Oh wait – everyone who has ever planned one. I wish Ry and I had gone to city hall, but now it’s too late and we are definitely wedding-ing. Admittedly, I am looking forward to the celebrations (and hoping all my friends can attend), but I am not looking forward to the stress between now and then. I am so grateful for my mom and sister who are helping a ton. And (shockingly) the wedding diet is on track (I miss fried chicken).

Writing: I busted out one totally new short story in Jan (that I don’t actually hate – wahoo!) and I’ve finished the outline for a new novel (gasp). I also attended a conference in Michigan: ConFusion, where I got to pal around with some of my favorite VP friends (<3 Bex and Denise below; miss the rest of our family dearly). Bex has honestly been a godsend these last few months. They live near me and we’ve been writing in coffee shops 1-2x a week – it’s been insanely helpful for productivity. What am I going to do when I graduate 🙁


While my Kellogg friends probably don’t appreciate how unsocial I’ve become, I’m really excited to push forward with my writing. One other big milestone I reached this past month was getting my apps in for Clarion and Clarion West. This won’t be the first time I’ve applied, but I hope I get good news and am able to attend one of these workshops this summer. I’ll know by the end of March!

March 23 – April 18

Back to school. Man and it hits like a ton of bricks. Not sure how well my new and improved (?) chillaxed attitude is meshing with my new workload. It certainly doesn’t help that Ryan came to visit me two weeks after school started (whoops, but also :D).

Anyway, Kellogg moved into a new building (the Global Hub which some people are trying to dub the G-spot). The building is beautiful and amazing (albeit a little bit further away …. thank goodness the weather has turned for the better!)


My classes this quarter are actually pretty good, which has only made my decision to de-prioritize academics even more difficult. I’ve just come to the realization that I may never have a chance like this to write and read as much fiction again; so that’s what I’ve chosen. Still getting rejected a lot. But, at least my battered self esteem is doing little to dissuade me from writing. It’ll happen for me one day (just got to keep working hard).

The only other exciting bit of news from the last month is Ryan has appeared to really rev up the seriousness of our relationship. Just this weekend he took me ring shopping (O_O) …….


NOTE: not the ring 😛

Looking forward to him actually pulling the trigger whenever that happens. Who would have thought it two years ago?