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September 12 – October 17

The last month has been a blur as I’ve ramped up at Facebook. I’m really enjoying my team and what I’m working on, though I still think it will take some time for me to have the impact I want to have. Learning and growing is the name of the game 🙂

Outside of work, Ryan and I have been baking up a storm. We actually kind of need to stop as baking a three-tier cake and, between the two of us, finishing it in under a week cannot be healthy. C’est la vie.

Other than finding my footing at work, there haven’t been a ton of big life updates.

Writing Update

Okay, so actually I do have one semi-big update. I got my first story acceptance this month 🙂 My short story “The Shopkeeper’s Daughter” will be published in Stupefying Stories sometime over the next few months. Ironically, that is my only fantasy story (I mostly stick to scifi), but it is a story I really love. I’ll be sure to share the Amazon link to the issue with my story when it goes live. Hopefully, I can keep the momentum going. On the novel front, things have been slower. Beta-reading and slush-reading for friends is taking up too much free time. I’ll need to drop the ball on something, but still haven’t decided what yet.

Story Recs

I’ve been reading (aka listening to Audible) quite a bit in the last month. There have been a few standout stories for me:

+ The Poppy War by RF Kuang. This is a fantasy novel the closely follows Japan’s invasion of China in WWII. The story is about a young woman who grows up in times of war. It is graphic, but so so good. This is the first in a trilogy, so don’t jump in if you don’t like cliffhangers.

+ Circe by Madeline Miller. This book follows the life of Circe, famous Greek goddess and witch. She is probably best remembered as the woman who turned Odysseus’s men into pigs in the Odyssey. But her story offers so much more than that. It is about a woman finding her place among the gods and among men.

+ Dandelion by Elly Bangs. This short story appearing in Clarkesworld Magazine spans three generations of women scientists who discover and study an alien probe crash-landed on Earth. This was a poignant, thoughtful read – and it’s a quick one if you have 15 minutes to spare.

No amazing video game recs for now. I’ve been playing a few PC games, but nothing to phone home about. I am always looking for both story and game recs, so feel free to send some my way 🙂


June 19 – July 4

Happy Independence Day!

The last few weeks have flown by. Work is going great! My summer project is very high impact and very visible. So far I’m loving it (and Facebook). My team works pretty hard, but it is because our work really matters. Also, the walking path on the roof of my building is A+


Healthy, meatless eating is going just as well as was expected. I don’t get to eat any of the foods I like and, because I am not a fan of vegetables without cheese or meat (even as a garnish on a salad), I’ve been mostly carb-loading which also sucks for my waistline. Still, I know it’s the right decision in the long-run.


On a personal note, Ry and I are doing well. He is dragging me to LA next weekend to speak with his jeweler about my engagement ring. I say ‘dragging’ because I explicitly asked to NOT be involved in any part of the ring (I want Ryan to pick it out and surprise me). But he really didn’t feel comfortable with that :/

I am also a little worried about what moving out to the Bay will mean for my social life (if that’s what I decide to do – still don’t know yet). Ryan will of course want me to be in San Jose (and I DO want to be with him), but I really don’t like his house and it really is too far from everything and everyone else I care about.

That’s pretty much it for now. By next post, I should have heard back from VP (the writing workshop I applied to). Wish me luck 🙂